Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review of "Eighth Grave After Dark" by Darynda Jones

Review of "Eighth Grave After Dark" #8 in the Charley Davidson series, by Darynda Jones. I finished this a few days ago but forgot to write a review, so here it is.
4.5/5 stars
I am a huge Darynda Jones fan. I LOVE Charley and I LOVED this book! So many questions that have been sitting in my head taking up space have been answered! Charley is pregnant and due any day now in this one. Her pregnant ramblings and cravings are hilarious (and true to life from what I hear). She and friends/family are holed up in a convent (aka sacred ground) as Beep is in serious danger from her hellish grandfather. Thus Charley is bored and winds up getting involved in a case. This case is a run-of-the-mill case for Charley and the gang. There's the ongoing fight of good vs. evil and the usual discussions of who the hell is Charley really, who is the Daeva, and what are they going to do.

I love Charley, hwever, she is still Charley, who can be naive and  careless, which we (the readers) expect to get better eventually. But, we still love her. There is still a lot of mistrust and doubt between her and Reyes, which I hope settles some day. (Makes me wonder about Darynda's trust issues.)

Overall, I really enjoyed this and read it in a day. Go get it, but start with #1 First Grave on the Right please. As usual here are some links:

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Please go read this book. But start with the 1st one!

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