Wednesday, September 15, 2010

banks irritate me

Today Gary & I were at Shaws/Starmarket and we get through the line to pay, I swipe my card, and its denied. Okay...I know I have $$. I reswipe and that doesn't work. Go to the ATM and that doesn't work.Call BOA, check account; yup, I have $. I call BOA customer service on the way to a BOA branch and it turns out that the card services ppl put a hold on my card b/c of "suspicious transactions". This is a good thing I guess, BUT quite inconvenient and annoying for me. I get transfered to those ppl and get it all straightened out. Ok, thanks BOA for once again irritating me & making my life harder.

Monday, September 13, 2010

interesting link

I saw this article today on the Projo website (Providence Journal): 

I agree, though believing in angels is hard to explain to people who know I am a pagan not  Wiccan though! I'm not Wiccan because I do not follow ANY  organized religion

and now my text is all messed up. argh! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

well its been awhile..

and here I am again, neglecting my journal as I did with my hardbound journals in the early days of my life. Its been a hectic month or so. Ive had a few interviews but no job offers yet. I realized i didnt register in time for classes @ UCD so I'm out this semester. I did register @ CCRI but then didnt pay on time so they deleted my schedule but I got that mostly squared away. I'm taking classes towards a Therapeutic Massage associates. Funny how I am getting an associates now that i already have my bachelors. I'm taking the intro to occupational therapy class too but I am not sure I want to stay in it. We'll see.

Did I post that gary & I are engaged? Well, we are! The wedding isnt 'til Sept 2012 but I am already preparing. yay!

I am sick today so I think I may go lie back down now..