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Supernatural Chronicles Mardi Gras Tour

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We are so excited to bring you the Mardi Gras Blog Parade for The Supernatural Chronicles! The Supernatural Chronicles is a fantastic box set with stories from ten different authors each celebrating a distinct supernatural creature! This is the Supernatural Chronicles: The New Orleans Collection. The Tour goes from February 1st-February 10th with different authors and content each day of the tour! Make sure you check out each stop along the way and enter to win the 1 of 10 Mystery Boxes!! See why everyone is talking about #DYNAMIS, and stop by The Supernatural Chronicles Facebook Discussion Group!

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Ten authors and one grand scheme of mayhem and magic

in the depths of New Orleans.

  About The Supernatural Chronicles: The New Orleans Collection: Beneath the brow of Bourbon and French architecture, the iris of New Orleans swirls with flecks of worlds and beings unknown to mankind. Come with us as we chronicle their journey—each supernatural race must hunt for an offering in hopes of saving their own. Skinwalkers, Wolves, Vampires, Dragons, Succubi, Witches, Necromancers, Cupids, and Asgardians are all in danger of losing control as an uprising darkness threatens to rip the veil that protects them all from the great beyond. Ten original novellas, following each supernatural race as they fight an elusive enemy, are written by New Adult authors Lila Felix, Kristie Cook, Brenda Pandos, Delphina Henley, Julia Crane, Jamie Magee, Morgan Wylie, Kallie Ross, S.T. Bende, and Rebecca Ethington. Come join them for the hunt and discover hidden treasures inside.  

Don’t miss each of the individual Supernatural Chronicles!

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​Supernatural Chronicles: THE NECROMANCERS Synopsis:


Hailey Devareaux, inexperienced yet “all-knowing” 19 year old Necromancer, couldn’t care less what the world had to offer her. Five years after her mother encountered a powerful seer—albeit a dead one—they uprooted their entire clan and moved to New Orleans for a rare supernatural conjunction. Dangerous didn’t begin to describe the reality of Necromancers living in a city so rich with history involving the celebration of the dead, but Hailey didn’t have to worry. Her abilities hadn’t matured.

What good was Necromancy when she couldn’t save her mother? Hailey hadn’t been strong enough to bring her back—not even to say goodbye.

While Hailey moped around during her family’s celebration of the Day of the Dead, she met Bobby; if only she had realized he was dead before she started talking to him. Robert “Bobby” Duval died one year ago. When he died, the veil between this world and the next was at it’s thinnest. It should’ve been easy for him to cross over, but something kept him from doing so. On the day he met Hailey, he prepared to finally move on, but a moratorium was placed on departing souls—the veil, too volatile to pass into the great beyond. His chance at his afterlife once more denied.

Based on a cryptic letter her clan received, Hailey is elected by the Necromancers to embark on the dangerous quest to restore the veil. Bobby joins Hailey and helps her understand her powers.

Will Hailey give up her bitterness against the craft and her own fear of death, and forgive herself in order to embrace her purpose—to be the next leader of their clan? Will she embrace her power as well as help save the supernatural community by sealing the veil once more and will she help Bobby cross over to finally be at peace? 


Supernatural Chronicles: The Necromancers (Part 7 of 10)
Interview with Morgan Wylie and Hailey Devareaux, a young Necromancer

Me: Hailey, thank you for joining us today! I look forward to introducing you to the readers.
Hailey: Thanks, I guess. I’m not really sure why you would want to talk with me, I mean you did create me so don’t you already know all these answers anyway?
Me: Hmm. Yes, I suppose you’re right, but this way they get to know you a little better and you always surprise me. So this will be fun!
Hailey: Ok, if you say so. Fire away!
Me: First up… Can you explain what a Necromancer is and what you do?
Hailey: We can raise the dead, well, we aren’t supposed to though. That’s got bad juju involved.
Me: Good to know. Why don’t you tell them what you can do then.
Hailey: I can see ghosts and I usually end up talking to them before I even know what I’m doing and then I’m the crazy person caught talking to myself in public. It’s humiliating. I can also raise spirits, although I’m still working on getting that one right. It takes practice.
Me: Why is so challenging to tell if they are alive or ghosts? Is there a sign or something you could look for before you started talking, you know so you don’t feel humiliated?
Hailey: They look like normal people… I mean alive people. If I paid attention better I’m sure I’d take note of the confused and spacey look a lot of them have, but to be honest a lot of alive people do that too, so there’s that.
Me: Okay, moving on… For quite some time, you’ve avoided your lessons with your aunt and leader and neglected your responsibilities as a Necromancer. Would you care to share why?
Hailey: I just wanted to be “normal” and to be honest, I was running away without actually running away. I was scared and freaking angry… Mama died and she shouldn’t have. That’s all I’m willing to say on it right now. I’m trying to move forward now. I know what I should be doing. It’s just going to take some time.
Me: Fair enough. I am sorry about your Mama.
Hailey: You should be. You wrote the story…*sigh*… but I digress.
Me: Yes. I am sorry. So…*clears throat* In the story you are on a journey, looking for something. Is there anything you can share?
Hailey: I go on a journey. I’m looking for something. I get some help along the way from some special characters but, Readers, you are just going to have to read it. I can’t say anything else without giving away the good bits! And there are some definite surprises and discoveries along the journey.
Me: Thank you Hailey. And yes, Readers, there are surprises throughout the entire collection, especially a BIG one for YOU at the end. But you’ll have to read it to find it! Thank you for joining us today!

​About Morgan Wylie:

Morgan Wylie published her first novel, Silent Orchids, one year after moving across the country with her family on a journey of new discovery. After an amazing three years in Nashville, TN and the release of two more books, Morgan and her family found their way back to the Northwest where they now reside. Still working everyday with great optimism, Morgan continues to embrace all things: “Mama”, wife, teacher, and mediator to the many voices and muses constantly chattering in her head… where it gets pretty loud!


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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Hello readers! I am writing this from my friends', where I am babysitting. Today has been a busy day off, like they all seem to be, so here I am writing this at 8:24 p.m.

I stayed at a friends last night and forgot to bring gluten-free bread. We had bacon and eggs (made with coconut oil instead of butter) and I really wanted bread. I went onto the Pinterest app on my phone and looked for microwave gluten-free bread. Of course that came up with hundreds of results so I clicked through a few...

(and 2.5 hours later after fighting about bedtime...)

And came across one for Microwave Paleo Bread found here. I had looked over a few others that came up with the search, but they mostly called for things I didn't have at the ready. This one only called for 4 things! Almond flour, check! Eggs, check! Salt, check! Baking powder, check! Combine, stir, pour into a cup, microwave and done. It was pretty good actually! It's especially good with toppings, like peanut butter and honey. It is dry, but that is to be expected, as it is essentially almond flour. I was grateful for the recipe this morning! I am going to try and make it a bit sweeter.

This will go into my recipe folder and be used in the future!
This is what it looks like once out of the mug. Slice it up and serve.         

Friday, January 29, 2016

GF/DF chicken double cheese dish

Hi readers! Thanks for being patient with me; it's been a very busy week. I have completed a WEEK of dairy free and, although I do not feel any different, I will continue it probably past the 21-day deadline of the So Delicious 21 Day Dairy Free Challenge.

One of the hardest parts of me about cooking, and thus eating, is that my partner and I do not eat the same things, primarily because he can eat most dairy (at least parmesan and mozzarella cheeses; he avoids the rest b/c they 'make him sick') and eats gluten. One thing that I have found helpful is to make the same dish but split it somehow so that his food and my food are separate. For example, tonight I made a chicken double cheese dish (my version of chicken parm) and I separated the chicken pieces, his 4 to the left and my 3 to the right. This will work with most, but not all.

Onto tonight's meal. I cannot call it a recipe because I just throw things together, so here is a loose list of what you need:

  • One pound + of chicken breasts, preferably the thicker cut ones
  • 1 jar of sauce (I use store brand organic tomato basil)
  • a couple eggs (can use olive oil instead)
  • gluten-free bread crumbs (I like Aleia's Italian Bread crumbs )
  • mozzarella cheese (and/or dairy free like Daiya's mozzeralla style shreds which melt very wel)
  • parmesan *here is a fab recipe for vegan parmesan from e.zontho
  • Italian spices such as oregano, basil, rosemary or a blend 
  • pasta of choice (Today I used Tolerant's organic black bean mini fettuccine which is available on Amazon and in random places like Job Lot.)
1. Preheat oven to 350*F. Grease a large glass casserole dish with olive oil spray (or coconut!)
2. Whether you're using eggs or olive oil, dip the chicken in the wet ingredients, then roll in bread crumbs and season to your liking, place in the dish and into oven.
3. Bake for 20-40 minutes depending on thickness of chicken. (I did 20 minutes tonight for thin-sliced cuts).
4. In the meantime make some pasta, drain it and plate.
5. After the allotted time, spread cheeses on the chicken and return to oven (UNLESS you are using the vegan parmesan. If you are, do not add until AFTER chicken has been removed from the oven. This will not melt like a normal cheese because it's made from nuts.) Bake for another 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.
6. Remove from oven, combine pasta, chicken, and sauce and add more cheese to taste.

There you have it. This is my FIRST "recipe" that I have ever written. Yippee! I hope you don't mind my lack of specifics, but that just isn't how I cook.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll meet you back here next Wednesday! Love, love, love!

Stay tuned

Well I failed to get a blog on on Wednesday this week. (Sigh) I will work on one this evening after work.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FYI book reviews

Sadly I just do not have enough time to do book reviews. I need to scale back. I will definitely write and share reviews when I do have time, and for sure will review the ones I have said I would.

My apologies,