Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Very late but here is the Post-GFAF Expo blog!

Hello again lovelies. Today is my day off and I actually have time to write a blog entry! I haev a new job, which is great. I have been working 3 jobs, which is not. And I am working on some health stuff. you go. :)

So the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo was a few weeks ago in Worcester, MA, at the DCU Center. I went on Sunday as it was the easiest day to take off of work (I work 3 jobs, 6 days a week right now). This time I remembered to bring some of my blogger cards! The drive was nice, albeit hot (ac is broken in my car, $400 fix), and I listened to Twenty One Pilots the whole way. The DCU Center Exhibit hall was packed, like it was last year, though I heard Saturday was THE day to be there. It was still very busy with lots of people, which is great.

There were a few of the same vendors from last year, like Udi's, Sunbutter, glutino, Enjoy Life, and a few others. Then there were a bunch of new vendors, like BFree (maybe they were there last year), Bixby & Co candy, curate, Kevita, Nantucket Pasta Goddess, and many, many more! Here are a few of my favorites:

(in no numerical value order I swear)

1. Nantucket Pasta Goddess. Wowie! She makes authentic Italian gluten-free pasta, like ravioli, and she is local to me (I live on the Cape). She had samples of 3 raviolis: Butternut squash, Mushroom goat cheese, and Lemon ricotta. Oh my, these are heavenly! And Liliana is very nice. :) These are available ON-LINE and at some retailers, including one near me. I just need to remember to go!

2. Peace of Mind Baking Co. makes fabulous gluten-free and vegan baked goods, such as whoopie pies (which were sold out), muffins, cookies, and pizza crust. Nancy and company are in North Conway, NH. I had 2 of their muffins and took their info to pass on back here on the Cape. The muffins were Pumpkin Chocolate chip and Banana Chocolate Chip, which were both delicious and SO much better than the most common gluten free muffins, made by a very popular company I won't name. If you are looking for great gluten-free and vegan muffins, see if you can get these.

3. Bfree Foods has a lot of products and they are all gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy free, including wraps, bagels, rolls, and loaves of bread. I took home samples of the Multi-grain wrap and the quinoa and Chia seed wrap. I love using the wraps for sandwiches or just a plain old quesadilla, which I had for lunch today. I have seen some of their products at my local grocery stores also.

4. Sin City Swiss Rolls. Holy cow. I haven't had a swiss roll in over 9 years. This guy happens to be from my home state of OH and he has the most delectable gluten-free swiss rolls. I had to buy a pack and they were AMAZING. They are on Facebook, but I couldn't find it. The email is YOU NEED THESE!

So here are some pictures.
right side 

left side