Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Okay, here I am, updating...

Alright, it has been awhile so let's see...what have I read recently? Oh lots!

1. "Bloody Little Secrets" by Karly Kirkpatrick. 17 year-old Vicky wakes up in a coffin and she's a vamp! Check out my review on Goodreads here. She's on Facebook-fb link

2. "Sisters Red" by Jackson Pearce. This is was so much fun to read! It's a great adaptation of the Red R Riding Hood fairy tale. Pearce has a few other books out that I will be reading soon.

3. "Crossed" by Ally Condie, #2 in the Matched series. If you like YA futuristic utopia stuff, go read this. Seriously, but start with "Matched". she has a FB author page-here.

4. "Wander Dust" by Michelle Warren. This book is great! You can read my review here on GR.Check out her FB pageMichelleWarrenAuthor MUST READ!

Okay, one more, even though I have A LOT more than 5 recently.

5. "Tsunami" by my high school chum Crystal Ward. This is #2 in the Supernova Saga. In this one we find Evania finds herself getting comfortable with being who she is, but of course something has to happen to screw that up. Que more battles, in which she truly shines, and her Equal. And more romance.
 It's a small review, but mine is here. You MUST go read this. Read Supernova first. Find Crystal on FB over here.

Another BIG thing that happened is my pal JH Glaze (author page) had a big giveaway and stunningly, I won 1st prize! Thank you for the Kindle and all the great books JH! You should go read ALL of his books, but especially "The Spirit Box" as I hear lots of great things about it. Find it on Amazon, or read the info at Goodreads, "The spirit box". I will start on ALL of the e-books soon, promise.

Til next time...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

this is a rant

I love reading. I really love reading.I enjoy editing too. I really hate reading poorly edited books, novellas, etc.  With the new age of self publication and e-publishing, editing is falling by the wayside, and its making me insane. I cannot finish a perfectly good story if it's full of grammatical and spelling errors. Authors, if you're going to publish, however you do it, hire an editor. Hell, give your manuscript to a trusted friend. Just have someone edit it please! The slew of poorly written (and edited) stories I have recently read makes me want to never write again. Or at least stop reading all these new, e-published works.

So, the moral is: just because you wrote it, doesn't mean you can't have someone edit it. I had one author tell me she/he doesn't fix the mistakes, that's what he/she has a publisher for. I wil never read any of his/her works again. Don't be self righteous just because you're an author, you're making us all look bad. Please , have someone proofread before you publish.

End rant.