Thursday, December 27, 2012

happy holidays and such

Hi folks! I'm writing you from my new Kindle Fire HD. This thing is fabulous! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and got all they asked for and more. I had a lovely time w/ my family and friends.

I've been reading a few books lately. I started "the casual vacancy" by J.K.Rowling but I haven't finished it because I'm not into it at all. I find its very slow- moving and it isn't holding my attention at all. I'm also reading Fables vol 13, which is fantastic of course, and "Mortal Obligation" by Nichole Chase. Here is the Goodreads link Mortal Obligation. It's pretty good! Find it on Amazon for FREE!

I saw "The Hobbit" last week; its so good! It wasn't as good as LOTR but still good.I was very excited to see the dragon, Smaug.

Anywho, go get a e- copy of "Mortal Obligation" and curl up somewhere warm. Happy holidays!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

review "The Vampire Hunter's Daughter" complete series

Good morning. Happy December! It's winter time so you know that means I will be on-line more. I will try to review more books here, I promise.And maybe throw some more of MY stuff on here too. :) 

This morning, bundled in blankets, reading my Kindle by book light,  I finished off "The Vampire Hunter's Daughter" series by Jennifer Malone Wright. This is a 6-story series that equals out to a novel when put together, like in the edition I have. I had read #1 a few months back, but Ms. Wright was offering some swag in return of reviews, so here we go. (Yes, I can be bought with swag, heheh). She was kind enough to send me a cool swag pack, even though I ordered the kindle edition and not the book. So, the story is about the life of 14-year-old Chloe who was raised by her mother and whose entire existence changes in one night. Everything she thought she knew is wrong; her father is not dead, her mother was a vampire hunter, and she has some special skills she never knew she had. Want more? Go read it. :D 

For more of my own review, go here: my review on Goodreads

You can find Ms. Jennifer at various places:
Right now on Amazon, the 6 book series is $4.99 for kindle. Buy it here:on Amazon

She does have another book I intend to read, at some point, "The Birth of Jaiden".Find here on Goodreads

Also, fellow authors, please know that i love to read, but sometimes I don't have the time to do so. If  I have promised you a review, I WILL get to it. I swear.