Sunday, January 23, 2011

EMT Training

Well, I met with an advisor at Cape Cod Community College and, amazingly, had a great breakthrough on education and etc. There's more of an idea for the long-term,but for short-term I'm taking EMT 101 at 4C's. its 2x a week, Fri 630p-930p and Sat 9a-4p; LONG days, starting jan 28-may 7th. we'll see!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

my bday

well, I hate having to RETYPE all the stuff I typed last that didn't get posted. bah! Well, my 28th b'day is this Sunday (16th) and I'm having a party on Saturday at our place in Dennisport. This will be the 1st party that Ive planned that i will actually quite some time. hah. I have a habit of doing it all, inviting ppl and then flaking out. NOT THIS TIME. hahaha.

SO, I have decided to get my butt in gear (since I'm only working 1 job now, that's another post) and MAKE some food. Woot! Much to the chagrin of the guests I'm making gluten free stuff, but they won't now until they get there! bwahahahah. I've done some research and am going to make a gluten-free ice cream cake and a g-f cold veggie pizza like my momma carol makes, but gluten-free. I have found SO many great gluten-free sites on blogger which makes me happy. thank you all. I will post stuff later.