Monday, August 10, 2015

Clean eating, weekend wrap-up and books

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I am trying a clean eating challenge, the 5 Day Shred Challenge, hosted by my friend Sarah T of Clean eating is really about eating whole foods, veggies, fruits, yogurt and less processed crap. I am doing this 5 day challenge to try to eat a bit more cleanly, cut my sugar intake, to be more mindful of what I am eating, and exercising! I have been pretty good about exercising lately, about every other day. Doing this challenge gives me some guidelines as well, plus meal plans! Tonight's dinner was: lemon rosemary chicken, zucchini w/mozzarella, and broiled red potatoes. Even my s.o. liked the chicken. He doesn't eat zukes (or any vegetable really), but he loved the potatoes, which are a staple for us. Course it all goes to hell with the hard apple cider, but whatever.
This clean eating challenge will help me detox a bit from the weekend in NH. TJ and I drove up to NH for my grandmother's 90th b-day party. One of my uncles and aunt, second cousin and her husband, my great aunt (Grammy's sister), and lots of neighbors got together and helped Grammy celebrate her big day (though her actual b-day was a few months ago..she was in FL). Of course I overate and didn't sleep well, but I had a wonderful time. TJ got to meet my family, which was direly needed (we've been together for almost 2 years), especially since Gram has been having some health problems lately. But, a fun time was had by all.
My great aunt, myself, and Grammy

TJ and I
Book wise I need to push through and finish "The Hunt" by C. J. Ellison. It is #2 in the V.V.Inn series. Here is the book on Goodreads. Make sure you start with "Vampire Vacation" first. I will be reviewing "The Hunt" and "Big Game" as soon as I finish them, so please check back! 

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