Friday, June 12, 2015

Review of "Art of Asking"

Amanda fucking Palmer is fantastic. Yes, it is required to add the "f" word in her name. This book is absolutely stellar. Go read it, right the hell now. Seriously. If you don't already love AFP, you will.  I admit I highlighted a LOT of parts from this book. I took pictures of specific sections and sent them to my loves. really, I did. See below. AFP talks about her time as a statue, her relationship with C. Anthony M. and Neil himself. She writes about the difficulties The Dresden Dolls had and that she had. She encourages her readers to ask for help, to be honest, to have faith in their fellow humans. It does got back and forth a lot, but I enjoy stream-of-consciousness writing (I write that myself). Go read it. I have already begun lending my copy out to friends. Also, you can find Amanda in various places on the internet, as she is VERY connected. 
Her website is found here
She's on Twitter at

So go find her, find this book, and get on it already.
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