Saturday, July 25, 2015

Post-GF & AF Expo

WOW, I am SO exhausted. I'm sure that has nothing to do with getting up @ 6 am, driving to Worcester from Brewster, touring the expo, and then driving back. Oh man it was fantastic! I am still hyped up.

I got to meet some fantastic fellow bloggers who have their shit together WAY more than I do. They have business cards! So I have to get on that. We all connected via FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is great to meet like-minded folks in person.

There were loads of fantastic vendors including big names like Schar, Cheerios, Way Better Snacks, Mike's (hard lemonade), and many many more. I came home with 2 BAGS OF SWAG and lots of incredible treats to blog about in the future. I am SO stoked. Can you tell? I am also exhausted...
so I am going to cuddle up with my bearded dragon and Netflix.

My Instagram account can be found here. I have most of the photos from today up there. I can be found on Twitter, and Facebook, however, this facebook acct is new:

Please follow my other sites and chcek back tomorrow for another GF & AF Expo post!

love love love :)

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