Sunday, July 19, 2015

"If You Feel Too Much"

"If You Feel Too Much" is written by To Write Love On Her Arms founder Jamie Tworkowski. This is not a review as I am not finished with it yet. This is a few pages from physical journal. Warning: contains triggers.

I dont know when I stumbled upon TWLOHA,  but it helped me a lot. I was a cutter; hurt myself phyiscally to mirrow the pain inside. emotional pain ius a bitch. I can deal with physical pain; I feel it every single day. I can tolerate it and ignore it. Emotional pain siuts in teh chest, in teh brain, in the stomach and poisons you form inside. you need an outlet; mine was dragging scissors and blades across my wrists. I didnt want to die, I just wanted a release from the turmoil insiude. at one point I stopped but, even now at age 32 I still get the urge sometimes. Instead I run my fingers over my left wrist, where in permanent ink is written "hope faith love" which are reminders to have these, to be these, to remember. Now when people ask me about TWLOHA I tell them the story (of TWLOHA) and I show them the ink on my wrist.

I am currently on page 42. I am reading it slowly, absorbing it. If you would like to know more about To Write Love On Her Arms go to the organizations website:  Jamie is currently on tour:

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