Friday, July 17, 2015

On a heavy note...Ohio SC judge refuses to marry lesbian couple

From All Out: "A low level judge in Ohio has refused to marry two women because of “religious beliefs". This goes directly against the US Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling.
Worse still, now he’s actually asking Ohio’s Supreme Court to give him a free pass to legally discriminate! If they say yes, it might lead to thousands of gay and lesbian marriages being refused across the United States.
But we can stop this. Ohio’s Supreme Court is made up of elected judges. They’re deciding on this case right now – a huge outcry will show them we're watching to make sure they adhere to the highest court in the land, rather than bowing to one anti-gay judge.
Tell Ohio judges to uphold the Supreme Court's marriage ruling and stop discrimination against gay couples NOW."

This is NOT okay. Not at all. It is not okay for any state to deny citizens their legal rights, especially those that are FEDERALLY enabled. I was raised in Ohio and although this does not surprise me, as OH is a very controversial state but it does tend to lean Republican, I am appalled. Unfortunately OH is not the only state where it’s officials are doing this. He should lose his job, permanently, and be thrown in jail.
Please sign this! Here is the petition:please sign this petition

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