Monday, July 13, 2015

Amanda Fing Palmer and Neil Gaiman

Saturday evening my s.o. and I went to see Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI. We live on Cape Cod so it was an easy hour and half drive (I used to live in Providence so I am very familiar with it). We stopped at Trinity Brewhouse (their website), which I love, and had a good meal (fish & chips for s.o. and chili & chips for me). I love to get their Rhody Hard Cider as it's gluten free and DELICIOUS. Then we drove uptown to my old neighborhood (Federal Hill), found some parking, and stood in line to go in. The Columbus Theatre is a pretty cool space run by a collaborative who saved this awesome place in 2012. When I lived in Providence (until 2010) this place was condemned and I thought for sure it was going to be torn down, but, alas, the Columbus Collaborative stepped in and saved it. This place is beautiful, though it could use some painting but, honestly, this all adds to its charm.

I didn't get any pictures from inside, but a lot of other people did. THeir Instagram account. Go explore it. 
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The band that opened for her is PWR BTTM. They are pretty gaymazing (a quote from Ben, one of the members). Ben is tall and lanky and came out wearing an orange-reddish dress with some funky face make-up. Liv is more of an average guy height and was wearing a black dress. I wish I had a picture to show you. They were great. And I was super glad to hear that their parents were in the crowd. Way to support your kids! PWR BTTM has some great songs and a LOT of energy. They're great in concert. Their website is Also found on:
Facebook: Facebook page

OH! here is a pic from that night! 
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Then AFP came on and the crowd was SO excited. She is SO pregnant! 8 months or so. KUDOS to you AFP. She played the uke and the keyboard and sang her heart out. Neil Gaiman came out a few times, read some of his fantastic works, some which I had not read yet, and that was AMAZING. Amanda had to run off stage to pee and he read this fabulous story he had written before about the child not yet born. Oh it was heart-warming and brought tears to me eyes. (I miss my father SO much. 16 years this year). He read the July poem from his "Calendar of Tales", which is featured in "Trigger Warning", which I am currently reading. It was really wonderful to hear his voice and see him in person. Amanda too, obviously. OH and they perfomed "I Google You". THIS was fucking hilarious. Someone got it on video and posted it to Youtube here. Go watch it, seriously. 

They had some random extra guests, one of which I was NOT thrilled with, no names mentioned. Amanda performed some favorites and everyone sang along. She had some big news: She is opening for Morrissey and Liv from PWR BTTM is going to be her drummer! WOW for them! Big step for Liv. 

Overall this was a fantastic event. I am so thrilled that we got to go. This is the first time I have seen AFP and Neil, even though I have been a fan of Neil's for years. It was pleasing to be able to be close to them in an intimate setting (Neil sat 4 chairs away from me at one point [real fangirl moment there]). The thing I love about AFP is that, as a fan, you feel that you know her. She is not some star up on her pedastal. She is real and seeing her like this reminds me that she is a person, same as I. Yea, she's famous but she is a person, human just like me. And that means a lot. Through her we get to know Neil too, who is a secretive person (so I thought). If you ever get a chance to go see either of them, do it. 

Okay, back to reading and taking care of all the mundane human things on my day off. Love love love. 

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