Thursday, April 19, 2012

something that came to me tonight

Here's something that came to me tonight on the way home from a friends place. It's not for any particular story...


“What is it that you want,” he asked, holding her in his arms, against his chest. He could feel her heart beat, steady....steady.

She thought for a moment, resting there on his chest, her arms around him, her feet tangled with his in the sheets. “I want love. Not just some cut rate love, real love. Inconceivable, irrevocable, all-consuming love.” She said it matter-of-factly with a wistful smile on her face.

His left hand caressed her back lovingly. “Well...”

“That's not too much to ask, is it? To want so much,” she asked, inclining her head up so she could see the look on his face. She was happy to see a sheepish grin shining back at her, mixed with a thoughtful gleam in his eyes.

“No, dear, it's not too much to ask... to want the world.”

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