Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Night Out

Natasha Wright was out at a local pub, drink in hand, with her dream date Scott from work. He had gone off to the restroom and just reappeared at her side.

"Come home with me,” he says, leaning into me, a drink in his hand, a gleam in his eyes. “Screw everyone else..at the end of the night, I want you in my bed, Natasha." His breath was hot on her neck, making her pulse race and her body tremble.

God...the way he said her name...it made her throat clench, her heart beat faster, a slight wetness develop there in her panties. She was losing focus. She was relieved yet anxious. She couldn't wait to feel his hands on her body. His tongue on her nipples and neither regions. I just know he's gonna be amazing in bed...I bet he's great with his tongue.  
Snap out of it she told herself. Get a grip..nothing's gonna happen. This is just a dream! She shook her head. She was daydreaming again...in the middle of a business meeting she was supposed to be taking notes in. The object of her fantasies was a few seats away, toying with his pen.
He's so cute and he doesn't even notice me I bet. She was self-conscious, well aware she wasn't fat, but not quite thin. No one at work looked at her like that, the hungry look she yearned for, she dreamt about.

Finally Mr. Dawes was done talking , the meeting over, and every one scattered. As she gathered her pen and notebook, someone nudged her. Oh god, it's him. He smiled at me. Of shit. 

Hey Natasha, (Oh god..here we go again, she thought) I was wondering if, maybe...if you want to get a drink tonight?”

Oh shit! He talked to me! Ahh fuck! Okay, Natasha, get it together...

Natasha?” She snapped out of her reverie and smiled at the object of her lust.

Yes,.I'd love to meet you, Scott. Where? When?”

He smiled, that gorgeous smile that made her breathe catch. “How about Nicks, 8 o'clock?”

Oh, perfect. Yes, I'll see you then!” 

Can't wait,” he said, walking out of the conference room, to his office.  

Oh god..I nearly died! Oh my god! I can't believe my dream is coming true...she thought, gathering her stuff and thoughts and heading to her office.

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