Friday, April 20, 2012

"is it just a game? I don't know"


slipping back into the abyss
the black, dark patch of quick sand
the oblivion that is depression;
dark, quiet, lonely
It's seductive,
like a dark lover you can't resist,
or the sinful taste of a fine wine,
the sleek comfort of favorite hoodie and jeans
It's oh-so tempting
but I have to (re)learn to be stronger,
to resist,
to ignore the dark tendrils of desperation
that keep popping up,
the quiet voice in the back of my head,
questioning every.single.thing.
Must keep up,
keep my head above the proverbial font of water,
stop from
April 20, 2012

that's Eihwaz, runic..strength
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