Thursday, April 19, 2012

"and the ghosts down those empty roads, they all know my name"

By now you have found out that i really like to use lyrics, a lot, for everything. its a great way to relate how i am feeling. That one is from Lucero's song "Sometimes". Good stuff.

I have been daily doing tarot readings again, using The Green Man Tree Oracle, which is very cool, and the artwork is amazing! My readings have been very on point lately. For instance today's-
  • Beech tree-cross the threshold that is caging you, gain experience from the unknown, increase your knowledge
  • Yew-persevere to achieve the changes I want
  • Apple-vision, go deeper into the truth

wow. that is dead on....

In other news, I have been reading 2 books-(you can go to my goodreads page & see them HERE
1. "Airel" by Aaron Patterson, which is a YA book about angels and demons. Its pretty good so far! his blog can be found here
2. "Aleph" by Paulo Coelho, which is strange...but it seems fitting for me right now.

Okay folks, I am gonna go about my day now..cya next time! :) 

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