Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sneak Peek...

Okay, so I promised I would leak some of my novel out to my THREE readers (or @ least 3 followers) and I made you wait for ALL day.

So... here it is, from "Dead End Job" (working title) which some day will be finished and published.

"Chapter 1-
The day his life changed forever, he had been up since three a.m., touring the streets of Chicago on the back of his trash truck. It was nearly daylight, so he figured it was close to six. He and Mort had just finished up the East End and they were headed home, just a few more stops.

Vince has just picked up two trash cans on Vicar St. when he saw the body.

Yo! Mort! Stop the truck a sec,” he yelled as he jumped off the truck. A dead body wasn’t that big of a deal in Chicago, but this was the good side of town. He never saw corpses here. He leaned down and hesitantly checked the body over. The corpse was a woman, young, probably in her twenties, and she was nude. She had long auburn hair, pale skin, long legs, and magnificent breasts. He blushed a little and checked for a radial pulse. None. He stood up and looked around. There weren’t any clothes to be found near her. He walked over to the dumpster and peered in, nothing there but rotting trash and bugs. He went back to the body, leaned over her again, and knelt down to brush a long lock of hair out of her face.

That was when her eyes opened and the corpse sprang to life. Vince yelled, startled, and tried to step back, but she grabbed him before he could. She fastened herself to him. He tried to struggle but she held fast. He felt two pricks on his neck, his knees buckled and he fell to his knees. The world went black."

More to come...if you're good to me. ;) 

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