Monday, April 30, 2012

oh look, a short story teaser!

I started writing this today at work and was able to finish it thankfully. I had to write it on paper so I am slowly typing it up. Here's a peek:

“I'd sell my soul for that...”

“No! Stop! Don't say that, please,” she pleaded, reaching her arms out for her friend, Sarah, who was sitting across the table from her. “Sarah, please don't say that,” Alyx begged again, a wild look in her eyes.

Sarah looked back at her friend earnestly. “Relax, Alyx, it's just a saying. The Devil doesn't even exist.” She brushed a hand through her long blonde hair, flipping it out dramatically.

“He does, trust me,” Alyx whispered, “I know all too well...”

“So, what about the new Environmental Law professor Mr. Lucas...” Sarah said, changing the subject quickly. She ignored her best friends mumblings, even though she knew exactly what Alyx had said.

Alyx rolled her eyes and picked at her salad as she listened to Sarah prattle on about the new professor. He is hot, she thought, too bad he's a demon...She knew because she could see demons, well, any non-human (or ex-human), ever since the incident.
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