Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Real Cape Music Festival: Utter disappointment.

Not at all what I was hoping for. This year was my 1st time attending the The Real Cape music Festival and it will be my last. I was very disappointed overall and I know my friend was also. Trampled By Turtles and Guster were great, but not a choice venue for either.They should be drawing much larger crowds, but it was nice to see them up close. Some of the earlier bands were quite terrible. I should have known this was going to be all Grateful Dead and Phish wanna-be jam bands. (sigh) But I did discover a new band that I enjoyed and will follow their music.

 Right off the bat I was disappointed by the fact that I could not bring my full water bottle in nor any food. Being gluten free I would have preferred to bring my Certified Gluten Free foods in with me. I understand that they want people to buy food from the vendors, but I am talking about snacks. They did have some great vendors, like the Compliments Food Co. Truck which served amazing gluten-free fried cauliflower and onion rings! (They are based out of Somerville. Here's their website.) No gluten free pizza though. (sigh).
I was able to bring my empty water bottle in, and thankfully found a few taps to get some fresh water. One of the girls at the beer/wine/water station said she was sad that they were charging for water and that if it had been more than $2 she wouldn't have done it. It was great that Vita Cocoa was there and provided FREE coconut water all day long and free shade. The festival people did not seem to realize, or care, that this event takes place in August, in Falmouth, and it was nearly 90 degrees outside!

I am very upset by the fact that there was no re-entry. Sure this is a concert  event, but it was 10 hours long! I don't understand why the wristbands were were given as over 21+ were not enough to gain re-entry. This is a completely ludicrous policy. I arrived around 12:30 and left my portable chair and long-sleeve shirt in my car, and my friend, who drove from Providence, left her blanket in the car. We were both thinking we could go back out and get them, but were turned down by 2 different staff people. Ridiculous. What happens when the sun goes down and its suddenly cold? I guess I was expected to carry my long-sleeve shirt with me all day.

Also they have a beer corral. which is ludicrous. If you want an alcoholic drink you have to stay in there and drink it. There is very little seating inside, especially in the one closest to the food vendors, and absolutely no shade. NO SHADE AT ALL! I reiterate the fact that it was 85+ degrees out and this was in PEAK sun time. Sure I had sunscreen but that was not enough. Someone should have been selling sunscreen, wide brimmed hats, and long-sleeve shirts. They would make a KILLING. I was glad to be able to find some shady spots under the trees, and lots of other people were happy too. I felt like we were animals out in the Sahara trying to find shade. Next time they need UMBRELLAS and more shade. I am burnt to a crisp today.

I am glad I got the Cape Cod Daily Deal discount b/c the outright ticket price was not worth this shitty experience. They need to take some pointers from real festivals, like Boston Calling, and step up their game.
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