Thursday, August 6, 2015

Protein powder quest, too many books, and more

Hey folks. Since I have been running more, I am in the market for a gluten-free, preferably organic and soy-free protein powder. I have tried Nogii's Quinoa & Whey in Vanilla Bean and Cocoa Chocolate, and Nutribiotic's Raw Organic Rice Protein plain. Nogii's is too sweet and Nutribiotic's is gritty and tasteless. Any suggestions?

I have a stack of books to read (stack is literal and figurative as most of them are on my Kindle) and not enough time on my hands. I also have some health-related books to read, such as "Beyond Aspirin", "The Life Bridge", and "Wild Fermentation". I will get these done damn it!

I met a fellow food blogger yesterday at one of my favorite local joints, the Jerk Cafe in South Yarmouth. This fella Simon was with his family and we wound up chatting about all sorts of things. We were both joking about how being a food blogger means you take pictures of EVERYTHING you eat. This is true and I don't like it, so I only take photos when I think it's necessary. Simon has a great food blog located here. He is based in NY and he shares the blogging with a friend who lives in London. It's pretty cool. Please head over to and chem them out.

I have to go to work, so here is some food porn.
Front: meatballs drenched in sauce & chz fro m Bass River Pizza (yes, gluten free)
Back: Jerk chicken w/veggies, rice & beans & banana fritatta from The Jerk Cafe (latter is not gf)

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