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Guest post by Cathy Clamp!

Rebooting the Sazi Reality
Cathy Clamp
Cathy Clamp

FORBIDDEN is the first book in a new series called “The Sazi of Luna Lake”. It’s a reboot of a prior series that ended in 2009, called “Tales of the Sazi.” The Sazi are shapeshifters who live in our current reality. Other than there being shapeshifters, nothing else is different. No alternate timeline or dragons or vampires. Just skinwalkers or lycanthropes or whatever name you want call them, come to life. But humans are still the dominant species on earth and even though the Sazi are stronger and magical, they’re still outnumbered and can’t outrun people willing to kill them. In the final book of the Tales of the Sazi series, the shifter world was in chaos, with multiple groups trying to kill them off for good. The snake shifters were attacking from one side, and they’d created a “cure” that would make shifters regular humans again—robbing them of their ability to shift. Human family members were in on the plot, out of jealousy and anger and a growing hatred of their kind. What happened next? Who lived? Who died? What about all those loose plot threads? Here’s a little of what happened:

 Ten years have passed in the reality since the events of Serpent Moon. Many of the characters that you came to love in the old series will reappear eventually in this new world, but you’ll meet many new people who were just children when the drug that removed the magical shapeshifting abilities of the Sazi, called “the cure” caused havoc among Wolven and the Sazi Council. The cure has become “the plague” to those who survived, a term that can be used freely around humans, because the thousands of deaths around the globe were spun into a tale of biological terrorism that made every front page. The world simply couldn’t help but notice. It taxed the limits and imagination of Wolven and the Council hierarchy to keep the press from digging too deep. But thankfully, the sheer scope of the massacres of men, women and children, and the random nature of the attacks by “cells of multinational terrorists” helped keep the secret of the Sazi . . . barely. Government investigations quietly died behind closed doors due to timely intervention of those still in power. Families worked to salve the physical and emotional wounds of surviving parents and children, sisters and brothers. Orphans were gathered together and closely guarded to ensure their survival. Luna Lake began as one of the secure emergency compounds to protect those who remained. Set deep in the forest of northeastern Washington State near a crescent shaped lake, Sazi of all species went there, expecting it would be a temporary refugee camp—a place to hide and lick their wounds. But they discovered something they didn’t expect. They found peace from the horror of the plague and the threat of attack from enemies. They found plenty of food, fresh air to fly in and space to run. The compound began as a melting pot of the injured and desperate. But it soon became a colony and then a town. It became home. But secrets abound, as well. Not everybody is who they seem. Like the old west, the plague created a vehicle for many to escape an old life and create themselves anew. Still, escaping the past seldom changes a person’s nature. A predator can’t pretend to be prey forever... Welcome to Luna Lake and a whole new chapter in the Sazi reality!

 (P.S.— You’ll probably have noticed that there’s only one name on the cover on this book. Although C.T.Adams and I have ended our partnership on this series, rest assured you’ll still receive the same terrific action and romance you’ve come to expect!)

 (P.P.S.— Yes, if you think you recognize the names of the hero and heroine in this book, you have seen them before! Alek Siska and his brother Denis were the mischievous boys in Moon’s Web and Clarissa Evans was one of the girls kidnapped by Nasil in Moon’s Fury!)

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