Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review of V.V. Inn Series Box Set

I am very honored to read and review C. J. Ellison's V.V. Inn Box set. I had read the first book awhile back and let the others sit on TBR list long enough. This box sex includes the prequel and the first three books, which I will break down for you here.

1. DEATH'S SERVANT (Prequel Novella). This is the back story on Jonathan. It gives the reader great insight on just how Jon became the human servant to Dria. Must read! 

2. VAMPIRE VACATION (Book 1). I love this book. It's told in first person via Dria (aka Vivian). She is one hot ticket, a half-century-year-old vampire with unique talents, especially with her human partner, Rafe, alongside her. They run a supernatural inn in Alaska together, which is definitely an interesting setting. They run into some trouble when a dead body shows up...but it all works out in the end. Lots of adventure, steamy sex, and good times!

3. THE HUNT (Book 2). This one was a bit slower than #1. Unlike the previous stories this one is told from 5 characters' perspectives, which can get a bit tricky, but C.J. pulls it off well. It's titled "the Hunt" as the plot revolves around the hunt of a rogue vampire whom is brought forth by the treacherous Tribunal, and one of Dria's arch-enemies. More action, adventure, and sexiness with great character development and insight. 

4. BIG GAME (Book 3). This book is by far my favorite in the series (of those that I have read). Dria, Rafe, and a small part of their seethe go off to their summer home in Argentina, leaving behind Jon and his pack, and Asa. The book cycles through perspectives again and there are 2 plot lines going on but it all flows smoothly into one fantastic read. 

Next to read in the series is: 
Death Times Two (Book 4) which I will have to download tonight. 

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