Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spaghetti night

My favorite gluten free pasta brand is Tinkyada. It always stands up to cooking and baking and has a great taste. It is not mushy at all, unlike most corn based gf pastas. I usually buy the Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti style pasta as it makes the best spaghetti pasta! I cook it al dente and it come out perfect every time.

For dinner tonight we're having spaghetti. Well,  techinically I am and TJ is having rotini with sauce. :) I threw some left over hamburger in a skillet with home grown (TJ's parents grown) tomatoes diced up, some Herbs de Provence, s & p, and organic tomato sauce. I am baking my last sample of the bag of Buddha Bread by Bread Empire in our toaster oven as the actual oven is broken. (giant pain in the ass!) added in some organic cut spinach to my sauce. TJ is playing Destiny in the other room and I hear lots of swearing. I'm going to find it down with a Sonoma Cider Sarsaparilla Vanilla flavor and this:

I use Tinkyada pasta every time I want pasta. From their Brown rice lasagna noodles to Brown rice shells everything I have tried is fantastic. I'll probably make stuffed shells on Wednesday (at our friends house while I babysit).

Tinkyada can be found online:

**I am in no way paid or sponsored by Tinkyada or Bread Empire. I just love their products and hope you will too.
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