Friday, October 9, 2015

Gluten free chicken strips and mozzarella balls

Tonight I tried my hand at gluten-free chicken strips and mozzarella balls. I don't make sticks b/c I use organic mozz that comes in balls. My s.f. absolutely loves food like this, as he's a 12 year-old stuck in a 30 year-old's body.

Recipes came from:
Real Food RN

Creative Cooking

For the chicken I used basic white rice flour. I think this one might be from Goya but I'm not certain as I have had it for awhile. Otherwise I followed the recipe. I did wind up using more coconut oil though.

The recipe for the mozzarella balls I pretty much followed to the T. I used Aleia's gluten free Italian bread crumbs. They are SO damn good. ( ).  Take Jenny's advice and refrigerate these sticks/balls before frying them up. I have tried making these twice. The first time I only rolled the mozz once, but tonight I rolled it in egg and flours twice., which was still not enough. The cheese will leak out. You should roll it a few times.

But, in the end, Tj and I both feasted.
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