Thursday, May 17, 2012

live fully and without haste

Hello folks! It has been a busy week, the beginning of many busy weeks to come. I started back at my 2nd job today and it went well. ho hum.

Now, read carefully, I want you to go do 2 things, simple things.

1. Go to your local library, bookstore, or on-line and get a copy of "A Perfect Blood" by Kim Harrison, #10 in the Hollows series. This is one of my all-time favorite series. Seriously, go read it, and if you haven't read the 1st 9, what are you waiting for?!  Here is the Goodreads page for it.

2. This is ONLY if you are 18+ and not a prude. Point your browser to, actually go HERE specifically, and buy that book. It's not very long but man, is it HOT. Go support my pal TR Stampz and indulge in some awesome erotica. And while you are at it, go to her FB page T R Stamp author page

Alright, I am out...gotta get some sleep soon.

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