Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Work & etc

i am SO tired. My knees & feet are aching. I smell like coffee & this new maple sausage that smells so sweet it makes me nauseous.  yuck. Yes, I am Dunkin Donuts. Well, its a job. Ext 6 off Rt 6 in Barnstable, MA. $8/hr sucks compared to my last 14.40 full time job, but hey, its money. This way I can pay the friggin bills.

Gary & I are looking at apts/houses. So far we have 1 that we will probably move into, in Brewster, with a TINY kitchen. BUT, it is RIGHT in the woods, which I love & I am sure moose will too.

CCRI is fine and I am  hoping to get into Cape Cod Community College (hereafter known as 4C's) for their massage therapy program.

I got business cards & created a website for my Reiki business: Phoenix Rising Reiki! yay! Phoenix Rising Reiki.I also have a FB page for it: FB Phoenix Rising Reiki Page

ok, gary's home & off to Center st (junkyard) for stuff for his truck, Brewster Welding.
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