Monday, September 5, 2016

Some BIG news

Well hello there. Another long stretch of days have gone by, but this time I have NEWS, good news.

Friday I got THE call from my dream school. I have been accepted into the Direct Entry Master's of Nursing program at Mass General Hospital's Institute for Health Professionals. I will officially accept tomorrow and classes start the 12th. Holy crap.

Wow. My dreams are coming true. All the efforts I have put forth in the last 4 years are being acknowledged. Holy fucking wow.

I am still somewhat in shock. This weekend has been a whirlwind of emotions, decisions, and celebrations. Thank goddess today is a national holiday here, as I need all the time off I can get. Besides this big news, I am suffering through a fibro flare and back-pain flare. TS Hermine isn't helping with this pain but other things help.

Sadly this news means I will very likely not have time to update this blog. I will when I can. I don't yet know what my schedule will be. I am sadly resigning from both my jobs and will be spending less time with my loved ones, BUT this is a huge step in my career. I am thrilled and elated.

On that note, you can always keep in touch on Facebook , Instagram, or good ole' fashion email tildesk at gmail dot com. You can find some of my old stuff on Deviantart also.

Cheers friends!
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