Sunday, November 8, 2015

November update with some new products

Hi readers! Sorry about my disappearance;  I find blogging to be something I have trouble dedicating time to. I get to it when I get to it, sorry, however, my blog is always on my mind. I am always writing notes for a future blog.

Sadly I did not attend the GF in CT this weekend b/c finances would not allow it. That really bummed me out, but it needed to be done. Plus, I really needed the time with my o.s.o. and time for ME. (That is probably the most important!)

So, a few blog worthy things...
I came across Wellness Mama's post about Carrageenan and decided to share it with EVERYONE. I have been thinking about carrageenan, way back in my mind next to the thoughts about not eating meat/animal products before 6 (Thank you VB6 diet by Mark Bittman I was thrilled to see that my favorite almond milk (Blue Diamond's Almond Breeze Hint of Honey Vanilla) does NOT have carrageenan in it ( Now I need to look at the rest of the stuff I eat/drink and see where it stands. I do NOT need more inflammation (damn autoimmune illnesses).  
Wellness Mama's post is here:
This is a very informative post from someone whose blog I just adore. She has so many great recommendations, recipes, and more. You should follow her on all the social media sites. (Please go check out her blog.)

I went shopping at Target last weekend. Sadly the closest one is 45+ mins away. (sigh). Island life. I found some great gluten-free items there for cheap!
The Seven Sundays muesli is my new favorite, next to Qia's coconut oatmeal. I have Seven Sunday's blueberry chia buckwheat currently. The WOW Baking Ginger Molasses cookies were completely new to me as well and SO worth it. They are soft and even have some chewy ginger pieces in them. The Annie's Cocoa &Vanilla gf cookies and the KIND bars are old favorites. I had some coupons for the Justin's snack packs so I bought them. A good haul all together and a lot cheaper than my local Shaw's.

Seven Sundays: their website
Qia via Nature's path 
Wow Baking bagged cookies
Kind bars

I haven't made anything spectacular lately..OH! But I did. For Samhain (Halloween for non-pagans) I made 2 amazing Samhain pumpkin breads. The recipe is courtesy of LApagmom2 on recipe is here. I didn't take any pictures of it but I brought 1 loaf to work and it was scarfed throughout the day. This will be a staple recipe for me. I did finagle it a bit but I can't remember what I did exactly now.

Speaking of food, I need to get started on dinner. Tonight I'll make some gluten-free stuffed shells. Since TJ doesn't like ricotta cheese (weirdo) I'll make a few for him and just use mozzarella with meat instead of ricotta and mozz and meat. Perhaps I'll remember to take some pictures.

Lots of love to you fantastic people. Again, I'm sorry about the delay, but life gets in the way sometimes. love love love

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