Saturday, December 1, 2012

review "The Vampire Hunter's Daughter" complete series

Good morning. Happy December! It's winter time so you know that means I will be on-line more. I will try to review more books here, I promise.And maybe throw some more of MY stuff on here too. :) 

This morning, bundled in blankets, reading my Kindle by book light,  I finished off "The Vampire Hunter's Daughter" series by Jennifer Malone Wright. This is a 6-story series that equals out to a novel when put together, like in the edition I have. I had read #1 a few months back, but Ms. Wright was offering some swag in return of reviews, so here we go. (Yes, I can be bought with swag, heheh). She was kind enough to send me a cool swag pack, even though I ordered the kindle edition and not the book. So, the story is about the life of 14-year-old Chloe who was raised by her mother and whose entire existence changes in one night. Everything she thought she knew is wrong; her father is not dead, her mother was a vampire hunter, and she has some special skills she never knew she had. Want more? Go read it. :D 

For more of my own review, go here: my review on Goodreads

You can find Ms. Jennifer at various places:
Right now on Amazon, the 6 book series is $4.99 for kindle. Buy it here:on Amazon

She does have another book I intend to read, at some point, "The Birth of Jaiden".Find here on Goodreads

Also, fellow authors, please know that i love to read, but sometimes I don't have the time to do so. If  I have promised you a review, I WILL get to it. I swear. 
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