Tuesday, September 4, 2012

this is a rant

I love reading. I really love reading.I enjoy editing too. I really hate reading poorly edited books, novellas, etc.  With the new age of self publication and e-publishing, editing is falling by the wayside, and its making me insane. I cannot finish a perfectly good story if it's full of grammatical and spelling errors. Authors, if you're going to publish, however you do it, hire an editor. Hell, give your manuscript to a trusted friend. Just have someone edit it please! The slew of poorly written (and edited) stories I have recently read makes me want to never write again. Or at least stop reading all these new, e-published works.

So, the moral is: just because you wrote it, doesn't mean you can't have someone edit it. I had one author tell me she/he doesn't fix the mistakes, that's what he/she has a publisher for. I wil never read any of his/her works again. Don't be self righteous just because you're an author, you're making us all look bad. Please , have someone proofread before you publish.

End rant.
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